Shawn D. Nelson

Shawn David Nelson is the founder and CEO of Lovesac

a high-end direct-to consumer retailer with 200+ “Lovesac” showroom locations from LA to Boston, with their largest store being online at


From humble beginnings, Shawn began making Lovesac giant NOT-beanbags by hand in 1995 out of his parent’s basement.


In 1996 he served as a church service volunteer in Taiwan for two years, becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese, only to return to work in China delivering leadership and team-building seminars in Chinese for Fortune 500 companies in the year 2000.


Shawn graduated from the University of Utah with honors and bachelor’s degrees in Chinese and Asian Studies emphasizing business in 2001, the same year Lovesac opened its first retail location in Salt Lake City, Utah, with dozens more to follow.


In 2005 Shawn won a 1 million dollar investment from Virgin’s Richard Branson on FoxNetwork’s hit show “The Rebel Billionaire,” and was made acting President of VirginWorldwide for a time.

Raising VC funding and eventually Private Equity financing to drive growth, Lovesac became the fastest growing furniture retailer in the U.S. in 2013 and again in 2019, mostly on sales of Shawn’s patented invention

Sactionals—an indestructible and adaptable couch meant to grow and change with you for the rest of your life.

Lovesac continues to scale at a rapid pace today.

Shawn D. Nelson

Shawn holds multiple patents on product inventions that have produced close to a billion in sales to-date.

Shawn also holds a Masters degree in Strategic Design andManagement, and is an instructor in the Master’s Program at the top design school in the nation: Parson’s, The New School for Design, in NYC. He currently resides in St.George, Utah with his wife Tiffany and his 4 amazing kids.

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